Custom Beach Cruiser | Beach Bikes

A Custom Beach Cruiser Manufactured to Your Specifications

South Coast Cruzers offers unique manufacturing ability by designing and labeling a custom beach cruiser model to the specific requirements of your business.  We have experience working with retailers, rental businesses and resorts.

Custom Beach Cruiser Value

A uniquely designed custom beach cruiser model with your company’s logo and color theme can really add value to your business and your customers’ or guests’ experience.  In some cases, resorts have offered their custom cruiser for sale to their patrons and guests.  In other cases, businesses have designed specially themed custom beach cruiser models for special events and offered them as donations to community organizations or charities.

Custom Beach Cruiser Services

Our custom beach cruiser manufacturing services include:

  1. Custom frame design
  2. Custom component part selection
  3. Custom colors
  4. Custom branding with your business’ logo and information
  5. Expertise on what works best in challenging conditions such as salt air, rental environments.

Custom Design

South Coast Cruzers has extensive experience with beach cruisers in salt air, rental environments.  Such conditions are the absolute worst conditions for bicycles.  We provide valuable consultation and expertise with regard to frame design and component part selection to minimize the effects of harsh conditions on your company’s investment. Minimum quantities apply.  We ship worldwide.