South Coast Cruzers

Premier Beach Bicycles

South Coast Cruzers are premium men’s and women’s beach bicycles born on the Texas Gulf Coast.  South Coast Cruzers’ designers have over 100 years of combined bicycle experience.  That valuable experience is a necessary component to the innovative beach cruiser bike frame designs and reliable quality that is important in each beach bike offered by South Coast Cruzers.  Our beach bicycles are set apart from others in the industry.

Frame Design. Our frame designers pay close attention the geometry of the frame to ensure our beach cruisers ride as good as they look.  Frame geometry is an important and often overlooked aspect of bicycle design.  Where the rider comfortably sits in relation to the cranks and the handle bars is vital in a well-design beach bicycle.

The other important aspects of frame design are appearance and materials used.  South Coast Cruzers is committed to novel and attractive frame designs.  Our designs are not “cookie cutter” designs offered by dozens of other manufacturers.  Many companies offer aluminum alloy frames, but our Beach Boy and Beach Girl models also offer aluminum alloy forks as well.  Who else does that?

Component Choice. Most beach bicycles on the market will cut corners where you are not paying attention.  They use steel handle bars and cover them with foam.  They give you either double walled rims or heavy gauge spokes. South Coast Cruzers does both.  South Coast Cruzers uses aluminum alloy components in all places that are practical.  Our method produces the lightest, strongest, most corrosion resistant beach bike on the market.  After all, we are in the beach bicycle industry.

Beach Cruisers Anywhere.  South Coast Cruzers designs beach bicycles for the rental industry in salty areas like beaches.  We accomplish that at an affordable price.  Some of our designers started renting bicycles on beaches in 1968.  We know what we are doing.  No better proving ground exists than on rental.  What does that mean to you?  When you own a South Coast Cruzer, whether for your business or home, you own a top of the line beach bicycle.


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